About Nick Webb:
Nicholas (Nick) Joseph Webb is an illustrator and a writer. He primarily grew up in the hills of California's Central Coast, and was raised by Catholic German Shepherds. He went to school and his focus rapidly turned to stories and symbolica, and eventually he graduated from CSU Northridge and made his way further north.
He likes watercolors because they make him think about reincarnation and figurative chemical properties. He uses ink and graphite because they make for such wonderful skeletons, and he's been doing more digital work ever since a Swiss man he met at a party gave him a weathered but faithful Wacom tablet.
He writes frequently and can also do graphic design alongside a few other parlor tricks.
You can reach out to him for freelance and commission work.
2019 Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, California State University Northridge, Focus in Illustration 
2017 Associate Degrees in Studio Arts and Liberal Studies, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 at California State University Northridge West Gallery
2017 at Winter Sun Media Arts studio in San Luis Obispo, CA 2017 at Cuesta College Art Gallery2016 at Cuesta College Art Gallery
2018 2nd Place prize at the first annual CSUN STEAM Fair
2017 Honorable Mention for Painting, Cuesta College
2017 Honorable Mention for Fiction, Tellus Magazine
2016 Honorable Mention for Printmaking, Cuesta College
2014 Recipient of the Paso Robles Art Association Student Scholarship
Selected Publications:
2019 The Oakland Arts Review, Volume 4 Winter issue, Oakland University
2018 The Northridge Review, California State University Northridge
2017 Westwinds, Fall issue, UCLA http://www.westwind.ucla.edu/journals/fall-2017/
2017 Tellus, Cuesta College
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