Holiday Card created for The Gallery Collection, 2021.

DRORBE, 2021.

Kitsune, 2021. Prints available on society6 shop.

Icons designed to be printed on apparel for Canadian minimalistic clothing brand Torleado, available here.

Immune to Critique, 2020. "In the interest of public health, sanctity has been suspended."

Conceptual logo for Solomon Strawberry Farms of Ohio, 2020.

Coronarasa, 2020. Promotional image developed for the Tabula Rasa Record Company.

Logo created for the Nightfyre Instagram page, 2020.

The Elements of Design(er), 2018. Exhibited at the 2019 CSUN Annual Student Illustration Show.

Icons created for personal brand development, 2019.

Raimondo & Associates, 2019. Secondary logo illustration developed for the law office of Raimondo & Associates of Fresno CA.

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